Beige, Gold, Red

Beige: What is your favorite dream?

It was literally just 5 seconds in my mind.

I was in australia, (not really clearly to an outsider, but to me i knew i was there)

I was sitting at a table outside somewhere.  Just sitting.

Around me were the friends I had made on tumblr that live in australia, particularly the area i plan to eventually move to.

Bilynda, Corinne, Evie, Immy, Kate, etc.  this dream was a year ago, so im kinda fuzzy on the details.

I woke up feeling incredibly happy and sad at the same time.

Gold: Share a story that makes you smile.

Yesterday I was talking to Lexi about cosplay stuff, and I made the observation that i could probably do a Male! Jade Harley cosplay if I wanted to.  I got dressed up for it and sent her a picture and now im her headcanon male jade uwu

Red: What are your hobbies?

Tumblr, video games, talking to friends, watching youtube videos, and working on plushies and/or cosplays when i have the time.